Frequently Asked Questions
(and some I just made up)


1) Greg, do you own OptionABC?

· In a word, yes. Actually, my company, Loehr Consulting, LLC. does, so that’s what you’ll see when you make a payment.

I know, this is quite the infamous industry where most decision makers like to remain anonymous or as invisible as possible. I figure you should know who is behind the curtain. Hence, if you have a complaint, let me know (email me at greg@optionabc.com) and I’ll try to help you resolve it. I just ask that you keep the complaints civil as it is my feelings that you’ll be hurting and not someone else’s!

2) Do you offer refunds?

·     NO. Gosh, this is a tough one. The Premium membership is has over 100 lessons, and I figure that by the time you make the decision to join, you should be fairly committed to the education. After all, it’s not like I am using infomercials to rope you in!

If you’re not sure about signing up, please enjoy the free membership instead. The lessons in the Premium membership will have a similar approach, but on more advanced concepts.

3) Do You Guarantee Success?

·     You mean all that “triple your money” stuff? Goodness no! No one can! Heck, I wouldn’t even guarantee mine! If you make money, that’s great, but ask any of the top option traders in the world (guys WAY smarter than I am) and they’ll tell you it’s HARD to be consistent and there are NO guarantees. Will I give you the best education out there? I think so. I will teach you enough strategies for you to be able to trade options in any way you desire, but to guarantee your success would totally be a shady thing for me or anyone to do.

5) Do you offer Live Events?

·     You know, I’ll be honest with you. In-person events are very expensive to host and a royal pain to manage once you put one on. Therefore, I try to keep them to a minimum. Anything I do will be few and far between, although I do have a certain weakness for Australia, Hawaii, and San Francisco (wine country & great food).  If I were to make an effort to host some live events, I would start there.

6) Do You Manage Money?

·     No.

7) What Are the Secrets of Option Trading?

·     Oh! You mean like those strategies that are “vastly superior” to anything out there? Or the 15-minute lecture that will be worth more than what you paid for this course? Or the video on how I made a nine-figure sum down to the pennies? Nope. I don’t have anything like that. I’ve even asked my friends, most of whom are way smarter than I am about this stuff and they have no idea. I think the secrets you’re looking for live in another dimension, right there with the Easter Bunny and my healthy diet and exercise plan.

8 ) Do You Have a Referral Program?

·     OK, sort of, but I need your help on it. Here’s the issue – I’m not that smart when it comes to tracking referrals. So, if you refer a NEW person, and that person buys a Premium Membership, or a Live Online Coaching Semester, I’ll credit you for one third of the value that the person pays toward your next class with me. The system works (some of my Members haven’t paid for anything I offer in years, and I am thankful every day for you!), but it requires that you contact me PRIOR to the person making the purchase. Call it a “referral appreciation” thing. One day I’ll come up with a fancy acronym and name, but this will do for now.

9) I have other questions that you didn’t address here. What do I do?

·     Email me at greg@optionabc.com and I will do my best to give a good answer.