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Market Basics 101:
If you don’t know much about the stock market, you may want to start here. After all, options are derivatives, that is, they derive their value from some other market instrument, typically a stock, index, or commodity.

Online Courses:

Level 1: Foundation (12 online courses)

To get a feel for how the general market works,

Market Basics: Long and Short

Market Basics Rant: Quantitative Easing

Option Basics 101:
For those of you who have a decent understanding of the stock market, but are confused, scared, or simply curious about the world of options, this is where you can learn all about the basic elements and strategies in the options marketplace.

For anything from a definition of time decay to understanding vertical spreads or other option strategies,

Option Basics  1: A Primer on Gamma Scalping

Option Basics  2: The Weeklys

Option Basics  3: Volatility: Beware of the Skew

Option Basics  4: A Primer on REVERSE Gamma Scalping (RGS)

Additional Option Articles:

Options Article 1: Credit Spreads and Probabilities

Options Article 2: Credits and Iron Condor

Options Article 3: Option Delta: A Different Look

Options Article 4: Using Ratio Spreads

Options Article 5: Equity Expiration

Options Article 6: Collar Adjustment

Options Article 7: A Lesson on Volatility

Options Article 8: DIA Case Study