Immersion Includes:

  • 12 online classes (listed below)
  • Classes are pre-recorded and students with a premium membership can access the recordings for one year from the day membership begins.
  • All questions pertaining to the webinars will be answered via e-mail. If a question happens to be really good, I may do a topic on it.
  • PDF documents containing all of the slides from each class.

Do you think you’re smarter than the average options seminar instructor? Upon completion of this class, you will receive a test comparable to the ones that the large seminar firms give their current and prospective instructors!

You take the test, I grade it AND I’ll give you an idea on a scale from 0 to 100 of where you stack up against the average options seminar instructor! You’ll be surprised to see just how good you are!!!

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Lesson 1: Basic Synthetics

You may already know that out of calls, puts, and stock, if you have any two, you can create the third. This is the concept of synthetic relationships. However, very few places spend the time teaching people how to actually make use of synthetics in trading, adjusting, and managing an option position.

Lesson 2: The Box

Did you know that you don’t always have to trade all 4 legs to a box? We will spend some time covering the notion of using vertical relationships to enter or exit an option trade, but we will spend the majority of the session exploring the benefits of the open-ended 3-legged box. There isn’t an option professional alive that doesn’t know this concept, hence this is a can’t miss lesson! (I think that was close to a triple negative in that sentence! Ugh!)

Lesson 3: Reversals, Conversions, and Pin Risk

Understanding the box and using it to close out trades is one of the more useful techniques in option trading. However, it also opens you up to Pin Risk. In this lesson, we define and address pin risk through the use of some basic synthetic positions, namely the reversal and the conversion.

Lesson 4: Option Greeks

OK, really, now. How much more can there be to learn about the option greeks at this level? As it turns out, plenty! We can now explore the harsh truth regarding how much the option greeks REALLY tell you and how much control you really have over a position.

Lesson 5: Volatility, Skew, and Kurtosis

How big should you trade? Rather than deciding on an arbitrary number of contracts or on an arbitrary amount of money, the expected P&L swing incorporates your risk tolerance into your trading decisions like no other tool! This lesson will also take a close look at the notion of skew and kurtosis and what they mean to an option trader.

Lesson 6: Interest and Dividends and Early Exercise

Every day, there are hundreds of thousands of dollars that retail traders leave on the table due to a lack of understanding of the early exercise process. This lesson focuses on the importance of learning the proper rules (yes there are rules) of option early exercise. As every professional who has ever held a long option position knows, early exercise is a need, not a choice!

Lesson 7: American vs. European Style Options

Are you aware of the differences between equity and index options? Are you trading the product that is best suited to your risk tolerance and psychological preferences? This session will help you understand the often subtle but always important differences between american and european options.

Lesson 8: Put-Call Parity

Otherwise known as the “big picture equation”, this is where and how every synthetic relationship is tied together. This is the closest you’ll get to a real math lesson in these lectures, but since every other option professional knows this stuff, we think you should too!

Lesson 9: Probability and Statistics and other Loose Ends

Stock splits, hard to borrow stocks, reverse splits, and other weird stuff is covered in this lesson. These unusual stock actions affect the options in particular ways, some of which don’t really make intuitive sense. However, the one time in your life that you’ll be faced with one of these events, you’ll be glad you paid attention in this lesson!

Lesson 10: Indexes, ETF’s, Cash Settlement, and the OEX

Before anyone gets too excited, we are NOT going to teach you how to be “more right”. Save that for the next infomercial you see. This class focuses on the nuances of indexes and index options. I’ve seen too many traders that learn this stuff only after something really bad has happened to them. Call it preventive maintenance.

Lesson 11: Position Management 1

Here is where we put it all together. You may have heard the phrase “position dissection”. That’s part of what we do here. We take all of the knowledge you learned in this course and apply it to a specific trading scenario. It’s all about learning the optimal way of managing your trades. You won’t want to miss this hands-on lesson!

Lesson 12: Position Management 2

Because after lesson 11, you’ll definitely want to see this stuff again. This example will be a tad more involved than the one in the previous lesson, but it will help cement these very important concepts.