Live Trading Lessons

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Classic live trading sessions with Alex showing you how options work in a live market. You know the market repeats itself throughout history, so check out the trading history recorded here!

Live Market 1

This is the first of 10 lessons evaluating a Live Market. We had 10 such lessons using live quotes on a Paper Trading account. All of the judgements were made live as there is no market for hindsight trading. Being our first lesson, there were some technical hiccups and the screen froze for the last half of the lesson. Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy the offerings.

Live Market 2 

This is the second of 10 videos consisting of live trading (done in a paper account) in early 2011. We hope you enjoy the lessons.

Live Market 3 

This is the third of 10 live coaching lessons done earlier in 2011. Enjoy!

Live Market 4 

This is the 4th of 10 weekly live coaching lessons done earlier in 2011. Enjoy!

Live Market 5

This is the 5th of 10 weekly live coaching lessons done earlier in 2011. Enjoy!

Live Market 6

This is the 6th of 10 live market lessons presented earlier in 2011. Enjoy!

Live Market 7 

This is lesson 7 of 10. This is the lesson in which we had all of those audio issues, so luckily, I re-recorded it and was able to distribute this recording as opposed to the damaged one. Enjoy!

Live Market 8

This is lesson 8 of 10 live market lessons presented in early 2011. Enjoy!

Live Market 9

This is the 9th of 10 live coaching lessons done in early 2011. Enjoy!

Live Market 10

This is the last of the 10 live trading lessons presented in early 2011. Enjoy!


Coaching Sessions with Greg and Alex

Gamma Scalping: Coaching 1-1

First, we will cover how to trade stock around a long option position in order to profit from the stock scalps. Then, for the smaller portfolios, we will cover the same technique with an options-only approach!

Covered Calls – Professional Style!: Coaching 1-2

This is the first income-generating strategy taught to beginners. But rather than the standard cursory glances at the stock and at the option volatility, this lesson will teach you how professionals use covered calls at just about any volatility level, over just about every period of time, and on just about any stock. You’ll never see covered calls the same way again!

Credit Spreads: Coaching 1-3

These are the logical next step after Covered Calls. Come join us to learn about stock set-up, proper volatility levels, and what strikes to choose in order to maximize earnings potential. For many traders, this is all they do. You may as well learn to do it right!

Earnings Plays: Coaching 1-4

It’s no secret that earnings are responsible for some of the more dramatic stock and volatility movements. This makes earnings dates great sources for large profit potential. But how do you minimize the extra risk surrounding these events? This is a lesson you can’t afford to miss!

Three-Legged Box: Coaching 1-5

Who wants free options? That is precisely what the 3-Legged Box is designed to provide. Greg and I have taught this strategy in live seminars all over the world, and the biggest question we get is, “why weren’t we taught this simple strategy sooner?”

Using the Option Greeks: Coaching 1-6

Do you know how to use the greeks in your trading? This lesson delves into current trade examples to explain what the greeks are trying to tell you so that you know when to pay attention to them and when to ignore them.

Broken-Wing Butterflies: Coaching 1-7

What if I told you that there is a trade that has the same risk as the credit spreads you’re trading, but with far more potential upside? Learn how to build, trade, and adjust these trades in one very complete lesson. This lesson may run a bit long due to all the detail we will cram into it!

Iron Condors: Coaching 1-8

Why sell one spread when you can sell two? That’s usually the thinking behind this popular strategy. But how much of a credit is enough? And what are the chances I get to keep it? And there’s no more risk than one credit spread, right? Wrong! This lesson compares not just probabilities, but also strike selection in this two-sided risk trade.

How To Pick A Stock: Coaching 1-9

Even though any strategy can be used with just about any stock, this lesson holds the key to making your stock-picking experience less stressful. For example, do you know what stock price range works best with your strategies? When is it advisable to use an Index rather than a particular stock? Learn this and much more!

Collars and Married Puts: Coaching 1-10

Do I have any stock traders in the crowd? Want to learn how to protect your downside without having to pay too much for it? In fact, let’s take in a little bit of premium while we’re at it! This lesson teaches you how to trade your stock and what to do in the cases where the stock gets away from you!

Beta-Weighting: Coaching 2-1

Suppose you have a basket of stocks. How do you hedge it? Sure, you can buy puts in an index, but don’t you want to know the relationship between your stocks and the index that you’re going to use to hedge? This class introduces the concept of beta-weighting, how to use it to hedge a portfolio of stocks, and more importantly, what underlying stock, ETF, or index to consider as a hedge.

The VIX: Coaching 2-2

The VIX can simultaneously be one of the more revolutionary products and one of the most frustrating. This lesson walks you through the necessary details of the VIX so that you begin to understand what types of trades to place, what trades to avoid, and where to look to get a better idea of using VIX trades either as standalone positions or in conjunction with other trades in your portfolio.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs): Coaching 2-3

The simple approach to ETFs suggests that you should treat them just like any other stock. However, ETFs can be anything BUT a stock. This lesson walks you through the basic composition of ETFs, the similarities and differences between ETFs and stocks, and explores the benefits and dangers of double and triple leveraged long or short ETFs.

Vertical Skew: Coaching 2-4

What is Implied Volatility Skew and how do you measure it? How does skew affect option pricing and option greeks? This is the class where you learn about smiles, frowns, and smirks and about what these things mean when it comes to market sentiment. Once you begin to interpret volatility curves, you’ll be surprised to learn just how many times the market has tipped its hand throughout history.

Time Skew: Coaching 2-5

This is one of the most poorly taught topics in retail option trading. We are setting out to fix that. In this lesson you’ll learn how to interpret implied volatility differences across expirations. What does it mean when the June options are trading at a higher level than the July options? How much of a difference is important? We will show you the types of opportunities that time skew provides and more importantly, how to find them.

Mini-Options: Coaching 2-6

Options for the “little guy” are here! Mini Options settle to 10 shares of stock rather than to 100 shares. This makes them the perfect avenue for anyone who is brand new to options as well as anyone on a small budget. We’ll cover the nuances of pricing, option greeks, and effective strategies for all wallet sizes.

Hedging: Coaching 2-7

There’s a saying in the trading community that “delta is the easiest risk to hedge”. So, we’ll start easy, but what about gamma, theta, and vega risks? This lesson covers techniques and strategies that target the troublesome risks in your portfolio. Rather than spend a lot of time explaining slopes and curvatures, this lesson jumps straight into the option strategies that can help you take some of the worry out of your existing positions.

Position Management: Coaching 2-8

You already know basic position closing (sell out what you bought, buy back what you sold). But at the end of the day, there are the basic ways to exit trades and there are better ways to exit them. This lesson assumes that you have a position, that you’re approaching expiration, and that you need to close out the risk. We will show you techniques to exit risk, make use of tighter bid-ask spreads, pay less in commissions, and leave yourself open-ended for huge windfalls, oftentimes at no additional cost!